Rawkin’ MOMents

Here we are at the first post and as awkward as it feels right now I feel completely empowered.

So many things have happened over the past year and the life that our Lil’ Rawker family once knew has been completely remastered.  So remastered in fact, that these events have truly heightened my perspective on life.  Quite honestly I am not even sure where to begin…How long do we have?!?

Simply stated I am starting this blog for several reasons.  Although, one in particular sticks out the most.  I am simply here to give back.  You see “giving” is in my nature.  I love helping people out.  This is also a character flaw of mine because I struggle to say the evil two letter word…no.  :::Cringes:::  How can what I feel is my greatest character asset also feel like it is sucking the life right out of me?  I am hoping that through my work in progress you find inspiration and a good laugh.  Laughing is good for the soul…right?!?

When I recently had the Lil’ Rawkers I was faced with so many questions.  Having one baby is amazing but having two babies I had no idea how life suddenly would go from 0-600 in nothing flat.   I read a lot of blogs and loved getting inspired by other moms out there.  I wanted to give a perspective of a workin’ outside of the home mom and how one manages to handle everything, while rawkin’ RAD MOMents with the kiddos.

Please know that I am certainly not an expert at making it all happen, but I promise to give insight into our rawkin, chaotic lil’ life that we love so dearly. I promise to provide you with tips and tricks that work for us and hopefully they might work for you as well.  Feel free to use them, change them, or disregard them all together.  I cannot wait to hear about all of your MOMents and share stories of how rawkin’ rad our kids have become and will continue to be…
So come on and join me on this journey!

I hope that these pages will empower you to keep Rawkin’ the world of motherhood with treasured MOMents.