Hello and welcome to my little corner of the World Wide Web I am so glad you are here.  I am a 30..ahem..40 something that is wildly crazy about her kiddos!  I have been married for 18 years to my soul mate.  My husband Rawkin’ Dear Husband=RDH) is one amazing, Rawkin’ man and daddy.  We started our little family late in life but it was oh so worth the wait.  I work outside of the home as an educator.  I am living my dream job teaching photography and journalism.  I am sure you have begun to notice I tend to have “squirrel” MOMents, as we like to call them in our house, but stay with me I promise there is something substantial in sight.  It’s true I am a bit all over the place.  But that is what makes me…me!  I am real.  My friends like to call it “no filter,” but I like to call it Rawkin’ Realness.  I have been working on this but I tend to just say what I feel.  Like I said I am Rawkin’ Realness!

I have a 10-year-old daughter (Rawkin’ Dear Daughter #1=RDD1) who is becoming more and more like me every day…I am thankful for this because it humbles me on a daily basis.  She is carefree and social with a heart of gold…but man does she have a persistent streak in her.  Did she get this from me?!?!…Yes, I am afraid so.  Like they say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.  She is amazing.  I love her so much it makes my heart hurt sometimes.  I had no idea what was in store when I became a mother.  Is there a manual for this?!?  She has dyslexia and ADHD.  This creates an uphill battle for her every. single. day.  She LOVES musical theater.  Like seriously, there is a CAPS LOCK big enough to express how much she loves it!  It is her pulse that allows “normal” to happen around her peers.

Recently our family grew by 2!  Yes, you guessed it TWINS!  So needless to say our once controlled chaotic life just got taken to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL.  Circus anyone?

In August of 2013 we were double blessed with boy/girl twins(Lil’ Rawkers= LRs).  They are such sweet additions to our already Rawkin’ lil’ family.  My RDH is so excited to finally have his new lil’ guy (Rawkin’ Dear Son=RDS).  But let me tell you the sweet lil’ diva (Rawkin’ Dear Daughter #2=RDD2) already has him wrapped around her finger.  They just turned THREE…let that sink in for a minute.  Never a dull moment in this house.

Since the twins arrived I have felt compelled to tell our story in hopes that others may feel inspired.  I was faced with a lot of questions as to whether I was going to stay at home now that the twins were born.  Some of those questions were spoken with love and others well…were not.  On several occasions, I felt I was being looked down upon for returning to the workforce. This made me upset and I felt that workin’ mom MOMents needed a voice and inspiration to keep them keepin’ on.  I strive to give the best of me to whatever I do and that’s what works for me.  I admire those like my BFF that stay home with their children…(I feel you have a harder job than me!)  But all in all, I have several Mommy friends that are Rawkin’ it all day er’ day and create amazing MOMents with their kiddos despite having to work outside of the home.  Ladies it can be done with a little elbow grease and grit…ok so maybe some coffee too.  I love ALL of my kids very much but I love what I do as well.  Teaching students on a daily basis is in my blood.  Does that mean I bleed school supplies?!? Squirrel! I have always been a go-getter and feel that I can work outside of the home AND give infinity and beyond percent to my own children to create many cherished MOMents in their lives.  With that said I realize it isn’t for everyone, but it’s what works for me and my family.  So to ALL mom’s out there we ALL have the HARDEST and most important job in the WORLD…raising kids!  But seriously yo…it takes a village.  So let’s all join together and create as many unique, memorable, and treasured MOMents for our families.

I hope that these pages will empower you to keep Rawkin’ the world of motherhood with treasured MOMents.



The Rawkers


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